Today marks International Women’s Day and we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate with Bianca Ingrosso, Monica Geuze and Betty Taube-Günter. At iDeal Of Sweden, 7O% of our employees are women, and we are proud to also support female entrepreneurship abroad with our social initiative Hand in Hand. Together with our ambassadors Bianca, Monica and Betty from the Satin Collection, we’ve talked about strength and empowerment, as well as how they have taken the leap to pursue their dreams as female entrepreneurs.

"I love seeing women achieve their goals and supporting one another. Power to me is having fun on the way to success and getting what you want from life.  For instance, my mummy is the woman I admire the most! She works hard and enjoys life, I've always seen her being positive about life and being true to herself. The best is seeing my mum laugh, have fun and eating good food, she really inspires me to do the same.  As an entrepreneur, I have to be my own boss and that can be difficult because I'm still a kid at heart. But I'm extremely grateful to be doing what I love the most." 

- Bianca Ingrosso

"When I was a child I dreamed of becoming a teacher and helping people reach their goals. As a person I'm not into small talk and I'm more straight to the point, because I prefer genuine connections.  When I became a mum, It was my biggest pride and joy, motherhood is challenging in many ways  but I absolutely love it. I already admire my little girl so much, she really inspires me and makes me feel empowered.  I also am my own boss and its a lot of responsibility, but I am really passionate about what I do.  I'm happy to have the opportunity that I have and wouldn't have it any other way. " 

- Monica Geuze

"My family and friends remind me that I am brave and I am proud of that. People generally just say I'm just 'cute' but I am so much more too! I am powerful, tough and strong. Not a lot of people know that I am a professional plane pilot and a car-racer. I'm such a daredevil and love cars and planes. I realise the little things that make us different to others are so beautiful because it makes us who we are. I've not always been this confident though, it's a long process sometimes but now I know how to embrace who I am." 

- Betty Taube-Günter