Last friday, we hosted refined and sophisticated dinner launch party in Hamburg, to celebrate our latest collaboration collection Sylvie Meis x iDeal Of Sweden.

Celebrating Everyday Icons with Sylvie Meis

Especially for the occasion, we flew to Hamburg and completely revamped the Barlach Hallek K venue, into a sophisticated and empowering evening, think elegance meets modern edge inspired by iconic and classic style. The Launch Dinner Party was truly a night remember and brought together an international fashion crowd. Guests present at the party included, Alicia Beissert @aliciaawa; Ayda @ayda.hdi; Enisa Bukvic @enisa.bukvic; Maryvn @Marvynmacnificent; Michi Brandl @michivonwants; Senna Gammour @missgammor; Sissy @sissyssecret; Sonja, Kira & Maike from @shoppisticated and Vanessa Stanat @Vanessa.stanat; amongst many more.

The evening was fashioned to be an exceptional night to remember,we fine-tuned every detail. Curated to coordinate with the Sylvie Meis collaboration collection, the decor was sleek and elegant with a complementary colour palette featuring classic black, dusty rose and accents of gold and white, creating a truly celebratory and sophisticated ambiance. The venue included a private bar area with a selection of refreshments. Guests conversed over champagne from Moët & Chandon, customised cocktails by Daisy Gin, along with wine, coffee and water. Our show-stopping, customised black balloons featuring Sylvie Meis x iDeal of Sweden were a crowd favourite. Elegant accent balloons in dusty pink and classic black with gold and white accents made for a graceful and festive ambiance. To ensure a truly picture-perfect evening, a designated photo area allowed guests to capture their favourite moments. Wall art from the collaboration campaign with Sylvie Meis added a contemporary feel. Many selfies and group pics were taken in the photo area, which featured a stunning seating area framed with beautiful flower arrangements and pillows to match the gorgeous Rosey Reef Marble Case.

As our guests mingled and enjoyed the atmosphere, they were offered an exciting first glimpse of the exclusive collection. Shortly after the reveal, everyone made their way to the dinner table, which was adorned with stunning personalised marble-inspired name tags for each of our guests. Dressed to impress, even the tableware exuded timeless elegance, with harmonious white and gold flower arrangements, black plates, and gold cutlery for a classic aesthetic. The dinner menu was perfected by a talented and unique master class, with a private chef preparing bespoke sushi for our guests. The evening included a thrilling piano performance by Nagel Roman, adding a level of sophistication and enjoyment to the evening event.

“An everyday icon is someone who inspires you to achieve your dreams and goals.” Sylvie Meis

Celebrating everyday icons, this evening focused on the themes of the Sylvie Meis x iDeal Of Sweden collection, which encapsulates empowerment, confidence, reaching your goals and ambitions.

Sylvie Meis gave a special talk about this collection and how fashion can be an empowering tool to not only look iconic but feel it. This gorgeous collection perfectly combines functional layouts and a timeless aesthetics, so you can pick these fashion essentials for any occasion, for a modern and luxurious touch to any style.

Of Course, a celebratory cake by Bunny & Scoot was created exclusively for the Sylvie Meis x iDeal Of Sweden Collection, featuring bespoke colours to complement the collection. After all, what dinner party would be complete without a dazzling cake? In addition to the stunning cake, our guests were invited to treat themselves to delightful macarons featuring Sylvie Meis x iDeal Of Sweden in black and shades of pink with marvelous accents of gold and white by Jö Makröchen.

As the night reached its end, our guests danced the night away with Sylvie Meis to a fantastic set by Dj Tobzn, which concluded our iconic, fun-filled launch party.

Be sure to check out Sylvie Meis x iDeal Of Sweden collection! This exclusive collaboration collection is designed by Sylvie Meis, fashion icon and well known TV personality in Germany, as well as a successful entrepreneur.

Sylvie Meis @SylvieMeis

A special thank you to everyone who joined us!
Alicia Awa Beissert @aliciaawa
Ayda @ayda.dhi
Enisa Bukvic @enisa.bukvic
Julia Fröhlich @xlaeta
Kira, Maike & Sonja @shoppisticated
Marvyn @marvynmacnificent
Michi Brandi @michivonwants
Vanessa Stanat @vanessa.stanat

Photo Credits: Photographer – Jeremy Moeller @jeremy.moeller

A special thanks to our fabulous sponsors & partners!

Event Organiser: GeBongt @ge_bong_t
Venue: @barlachhallek
Champagne: Moët & Chandon @moetchandon
Gin: Daisy Gin @daisy.gin
Wine: Geile Weine @geileweine
Water: Vöslauer @voeslauermineralwasser
Coffee: Tchibo @Tchibo

Confectionery & Sweets:
Cake: Bunny & Scott @bunnyandscott
Macarons: Jö Makrönchen @joemakroenchen

Catering: Eat Happy @eathappy_de
Golden Frame for Photowall Flowers: Grimms Blumerie @grimmsblumerie
Tableware: Villeory & Boch @villeroyboch
Interior: Lounge Factory @loungefactory
Balloons: Party Helden @party.helden
Pillow cases and Photo Art: MeinFoto @meinfoto_de

Pianist: Roman Nagel @Roman_nagel_
Wing: Pianohaus Trübger @pianohaustreubger
DJ: DJ Tobzn @djtobzn