Everyday Bohemia with Farina Opoku

Behind the scenes with Farina from @Novalanalove

The feeling of freedom and summer ease is everything for Farina Opoku. Better known as @Novalanalove, the 28-year-old inspires us, and thousands of followers, with bohemian-inspired style at its dreamiest. Debuting her first collection for iDeal of Sweden, we have invited Farina to chat about her new collection and the people that inspire her most.

With vibrant colours, dreamy prints and breezy silhouettes, Farina’s collection has us longing for laidback summer days and blissful ease. As a true free spirit at heart, the German influencer says her family and friends are a major source of inspiration.

Farina’s collection for iDeal of Sweden was designed to capture that feel-good bohemia in four fashion cases, allowing us to take that summer bliss and sense of freedom everywhere we go. For Farina, the idea for the designs was an easy choice. “I just wanted to create something that makes everyone happy,” she explains.

The influencer’s personal favourite in the new collection is Royal Fowl, since everyone can relate to the image of peacock feathers, and conjure up memories and emotions connected to the timeless design. This personal connection and everlasting elegance make her designs a perfect addition to the iDeal of Sweden range.

Creating a collection that speaks to a variety of people and tastes was very important to Farina. To celebrate diversity, and to have a positive relationship with yourself and your body is a message the influencer lives by and wants to encourage others to embrace. She hopes to inspire her followers to celebrate their bodies and choose styles that make them feel like their best selves:

“It’s more important to feel comfortable in what you wear; don’t wear heels if you don’t like it. If you wear the same dress [to] each event, just embrace it and embrace your body! Feel comfortable in your skin and don’t follow the norm. Don’t take other people’s opinions […] too personally.”

That’s why Farina finds social media to be such a great platform and source of inspiration. It allows people to explore different lifestyles and cultures, helping to cut through the noise and find their true identity and style. She explains:

Farina’s confidence feels natural and has always been one of her most characteristic strengths, helping her stay true to herself in an industry that is incredibly fast-paced and driven by fluctuating trends. Her personal idol is Lana Del Rey, whom she admires for maintaining such a strong sense of self. In fact, she even has a tattoo inspired by the singer on her arm.

“I love everything about her: her style, her music, how she interacts with her fans - she is a big role model for me,” Farina says.

Farina reveals that Lana Del Ray is also part of her famous Instagram name, @Novalanalove: “’Nova’ is Latin for ‘new,’ ‘Lana’ for Lana Del Rey,’ and ‘Love,’ because who doesn’t love to love?”

Farina doesn’t take herself too seriously, which her followers absolutely love! Despite her skyrocketing career, she has remained down-to-earth and doesn’t take her success for granted. Every day, she feels incredibly blessed to have a job that allows her to travel and meet new people for a living. She truly enjoys the social aspect of her job – always meeting new people, having a close connection to her followers, and getting their instant feedback. Still, she tries not to push herself too hard. For Farina, Instagram is much more about sharing her memories and documenting her life than “creating content.” Each day is different for the German influencer, and what it comes down to is what you make of it. She elaborates:

“Don’t force yourself; don’t be too stubborn. There are a lot of ways to reach to your goals. Go with the flow, see what happens and be happy with what you get.”

Farina’s mindset is refreshing. She inspires the people around her with her free-spirited flair and effortless joie de vivre, which her new designs truly capture.

We invite you to peruse the full collection and explore Farina’s beautifully bohemian designs.